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Toke & Flow Yoga

Elevate your practice. Deepen your experience.


Toke & Flow yoga is an infusion that takes your yoga practice to a whole new level.  We combine the healing properties of plant medicine with a slow paced inward yoga practice to help connect the mind with the body in a deeper sense. The consumption of cannabis brings an elevated level of self awareness into the mind space, while our carefully guided session helps to harness that focus and bring full attention inward.  This class is great for any level of yoga practice, even none. Poses can be modified to fit the level of intensity or relaxation that you prefer in each stretch.  We have partnered with two local companies to provide safe, effective , legal cannabis options for this class (veteran owned and operated ZAR Wellness, & Female owned and operated Happy Trails Medicinals) . You are also welcome to supply your own, we just ask that you keep it legal for obvious reasons (Texas has some catching up to do....)!! Vapes are allowed in studio for Toke & Flow classes only. 

This class is great for :

- calming the busy mind

-cultivating a deeper level of self awareness

-pain management

-relaxation of the body and mind


-finding like minded community


Toke & Flow Journeys:

These two hour events happen on a monthly basis. The event includes plant medicine, yoga, holotropic breathwork, and sound healing.

First - We infuse. With a mindful consumption.

Then - We move. With a slow paced inward yoga experience.

Next - We breathe. Facilitators guide us through a journey deep into the subconscious mind.

Last - We Heal. As we return from our breathwork journey we lay in savasana while crystal sound healing bowls are played and wash over our bodies.

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